Why People Underestimate Injuries After an Accident

Posted by Amy FalconMay 17, 2024

After an accident, people often grossly underestimate how badly they are injured and may even decline medical treatment. While optimism is admirable, it is not a good strategy when injury care is involved. While some people minimize injuries because of wishful thinking, others may deliberately underestimate injuries to avoid medical care.

Reasons People Avoid Medical Treatment

People avoid medical care after an accident for the same reasons people avoid medical care generally:

1.     They are afraid of the potential cost of care.

2.     They don't have a doctor and are unsure how to find one.

3.     They are embarrassed or ashamed to talk about pain and symptoms or are reacting to trauma with avoidance.

4.     They lack support and resources, such as insurance.

While these are legitimate concerns, you should never let cost or embarrassment keep you from getting medical care.


If You Declined Medical Care After an Accident

Immediately after an accident, you may have refused medical treatment. You may not have had a visible injury or just wanted to rest and recover at home. But later, when the adrenaline wore off, you began showing signs of a severe or even chronic injury. Even if you initially refused medical care, it is not too late to get care for your injuries.

Consequences of Declining Medical Treatment

Declining medical treatment can have serious negative consequences:

·      Delay in receiving care can make your injury worse.

·      An insurance company may question the validity of your injuries if you delay care.

·      An insurance company can argue that the delay itself led to more serious injury as a way of avoiding paying your claim.


If you have declined medical care, your best action is to get care now and keep all appointments going forward.


Ackerman & Falcon Can Help After an Accident

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