“We Are Fam-ily” – And a Lawsuit Is Making Things Awkward

Posted by Amy FalconApr 30, 2023

Great neighbors and a tight-knit family make life richer. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by either, you know that having reliable, trustworthy folks in your court, on your block, in your subdivision, or even your condo or apartment complex brings warmth and peace of mind. At their best, even neighbors can come to feel like family.

Like a Good Neighbor…

But when something goes wrong – say, an accident that harms a loved one, a pet, or a part of your property or vehicle – you should not let your feelings for your neighbor or relative negate the fact that there are serious damages they need to repay, no matter how nice or helpful they've been in the past or how close you are as a family.

Seeking Compensation Does Not Need to Be Uncomfortable

Recuperating your losses doesn't need to be a painful or anxiety-inducing process. In many cases, the claim may be covered by insurance, and it's possible to resolve the matter in a way that preserves the relationship, even if it involves going to court.  

An Attorney Can Pursue Damages on Your Behalf

Taking legal action, including going to court, can sound intimidating, but it's simply a formal recognition that the other person has caused damage and owes you fair compensation. The process guides both parties to an enforceable resolution. Having the right legal counsel by your side can help you expedite that resolution. 

The attorneys at Ackerman & Falcon can help individuals who've incurred injury, property loss, or property damage due to an accident in which a relative or neighbor was at fault. We know how important it is to preserve those vital relationships. Our attorneys can assist you by:

  • Gathering evidence from an event or accident
  • Documenting damages
  • Calculating the cost of accident-related losses
  • Negotiating with insurance companies or other liable parties on your behalf

Our attorneys will work to help you retain your close ties to your neighbor, friend, or family member while securing what's owed to you.

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