The number of large trucks operated in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. has increased in recent years, as anyone who drives on the Beltway, I-95, other highways in the Metropolitan D.C. area is aware. Unfortunately, the number of severe accidents and fatalities related to the operation of large trucks in this area has also grown.

Large trucks are defined as those with a gross vehicle weight over 10,000 pounds. The size and weight of these trucks can cause devastation to other vehicles and their occupants when a collision with a large truck occurs. Severe injuries and fatalities often result.

If you or a family member have been injured as a result of an accident involving a truck, it is essential that a knowledgeable personal injury attorney be retained immediately, so that important evidence regarding the cause of the accident can be preserved and obtained. Essential evidence may include:

  • Truck driver's log, which should contain crucial evidence about the driver's
  • maintenance of the truck; his training; and fitness to drive at the time of the accident;
  • Data recorder in truck, which can provide important evidence such as the truck driver's speed at the time of, and just prior to, an accident, and the number of hours the truck has been continually operated and other important information;
  • Truck driver's use of a cell phone or other device while driving;
  • Improper or incomplete truck driver training;
  • Unsafe truck maintenance (defective brakes, tires, lights);
  • Trucking company's compliance with federal and state safety standards.

The trucking company's insurer may try to quickly contact anyone injured as a result of the truck driver's (or their employer's) carelessness, in an effort to obtain a recorded description of the accident and injuries sustained, and to attempt to settle any claims for far below fair value, before the injured person(s) have consulted a lawyer. It is always a bad idea for those injured in a truck or other accident to talk to an insurance company before they consult with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Accidents involving large trucks can and do cause death or severe injuries, including those to the brain and spinal cord, and severe fractures. Over 75% of injuries or fatalities involving large trucks are sustained by occupants of smaller passenger vehicles involved in such accidents.

Ackerman & Falcon has successfully represented the families of persons who have been killed as a result of a truck accident, as well as those who have suffered severe injuries from these crashes. He has the knowledge, experience and commitment needed to obtain fair compensation, including past and future medical expenses and lost income, and pain, suffering and inconvenience, for the victims of these accidents.

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