Personal Injury law encompasses many different types of claims involving injuries sustained as a result of another person's negligent conduct (failure to exercise ordinary care). Some of the most common types of personal injury claims involve motor vehicle (car, truck and motorcycle) accidents; construction accidents; wrongful death; premises liability (e.g., slip and fall); and dog bites and attacks.

A successful personal injury claim requires both proof of the defendant's negligence and the type and amount of damages sustained by the injured individual. Ackerman & Falcon's extensive experience in investigating, evaluating and proving personal injury claims enables him to obtain compensation for his clients that fairly compensates them for the injuries they have sustained.

The elements of damages that comprise a personal injury claim include:

  • Past and future related medical expenses;
  • Past and future lost income;
  • Pain, suffering, embarrassment and inconvenience.

In most cases, an injured person asserting a personal injury claim should be discharged from medical care before attempting to resolve their claim. Although an insurance company may be eager to settle the claim before the injured person's medical treatment is completed, this eagerness stems from the insurer's desire to resolve the claim as cheaply and quickly as possible. A personal injury claimant who wants to obtain a fair settlement or court judgment must know, and be able to prove, the total amount of their medical bills and lost income. If the injured person is still under a health provider's care, he or she obviously does not yet know what the total amount of their medical expenses will be, or if they will be left with any degree of permanent injury. It is far better to be patient and make sure you are being fairly compensated for all aspects of your injury than to prematurely enter into a settlement that ends up being inadequate to make up for all the monetary and “pain and suffering” damages you suffer!

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