The Person Who Hit My Car Wants To Be Friends. What Should I Do?

Posted by Amy FalconJan 22, 20240 Comments

You're recovering from your Virginia car accident when you receive an unexpected follow request on social media — from the person who hit your car. What should you do in this situation? Better yet, what should you not do? Here are some suggestions for handling the situation if the other driver in your car accident tries to follow you on social media or befriend you in any way. 


1. Make Your Socials Private

As a rule, it's best not to complicate your claims process with a personal relationship with the other driver in your VA car accident, or share too much personal information. If they reach out to you or send you a connection request, you're not obliged to respond. Politely decline offers to meet up or talk, and try to limit the posts they can view, perhaps by restricting access on your accounts, at least for the time being, to family and friends.


2. Know the Law

It's a crime in Virginia to stalk or harass someone online. This includes using obscene or vulgar language or using a computer to cause a reasonable person distress. If you're at all concerned about the defendant's behavior following your VA car crash, don't hesitate — contact the police immediately.


3. Don't Admit Fault

 Even if you suspect you're partially to blame for your VA car accident, be careful not to say anything to the other driver that could imply fault. This includes apologizing for the crash or sympathizing with their injuries. The truth is, until you and your attorney have had a chance to review all the facts in your case, you can't say for sure if you were at fault or not. Try to avoid any discussion with the other driver about the accident beyond formalities like confirming insurance details.


4. Don't Talk About the Accident Online

 By extension, avoid sharing any details about your Virginia car crash anywhere online. Sure, it's tempting to talk about it — after all, it's a significant life event. But any social media posts could be used against you down the line — which might be what the defendant is hoping for.

If you wish to discuss the car accident, talk to your attorney instead. 


5. Get Legal Advice from Virginia Auto Accident Attorneys

You have two years from the accident date to file a civil lawsuit in Virginia. But there's no need to wait — in fact, the sooner you start your claim, the better. An attorney can help you with every stage of the process, from filing insurance paperwork to negotiating the settlement process. They'll also help if you're unsure how to proceed after the defendant contacts you. 

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