Hit With a Massive Hospital Bill After an Injury? Tips for Staying Afloat Financially Until Your Settlement Arrives

Posted by Amy FalconFeb 15, 20230 Comments

Those who suffer injuries due to someone else's wrongdoing may face anxiety-inducing bills, including invoices from medical providers. As your attorney fights for a settlement that may cover your injury-related damages, you'll need to make ends meet. Here's how. 

Tip #1: Rely on Any Applicable Insurance Policies 
Health Insurance companies will cover your medical bills initially but may expect repayment once you receive a settlement. For many, having a health insurance company cover the immediate cost of medical care is preferable to paying out of pocket. Your attorney will settle up with health insurers once you receive your settlement.  

If your injury resulted from a motor vehicle crash, you should also check your own auto insurance policy for Medical Payments  or Personal Injury Protection coverage.  These are “no-fault” benefits which allow you to have medical bills paid by your own insurer, up to the limits of your coverage 


Tip #2: Avoid Paying Bills Until You Absolutely Have To 
If no insurance policy covers your injury-related bills, consider waiting to pay for as long as you can. While entering the collections process may ding your credit score (and is generally not advisable), you may have a substantial grace period before hospitals, and other service providers refer you to debt collectors.  

Take advantage of this grace period, as your lawyer may get a settlement before you're forced to pay for injury-related service out of your own pocket. 

Tip #3: Rely on the Goodwill of Others
Most people find themselves in a difficult financial position at one point or another. Your family, friends, or even employers may be more understanding than you think, and you should not hesitate to ask for financial assistance if you need it. 

Tip #4: Retain a Law Firm That Uses a Contingency Fee
Our firm works on contingency fees, which means that: 

  • You pay nothing upfront to hire us 
  • We don't receive a fee unless we get a settlement or judgment for you 

 This arrangement allows you to hire an attorney without bearing any further financial burden.  


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