Helping Your Injured Teen or College-Age Child After an Accident

Posted by Amy FalconMay 10, 20240 Comments

Accidents are stressful and involve trauma, particularly for teenagers and young adults who are still developing coping skills. As the parent of a teenager or college-age child seriously injured in an accident, you will have many questions and concerns.  

Immediately Following Accident

If you get the call every parent dreads, your first concern will be the life and health of your child. Get emergency care as quickly as possible. You may have questions about insurance and liability issues. It is never too soon to consult an attorney if it gives you peace of mind as you face this difficult time.

Injury Care and Pain Relief for Teens and Young Adults

After any serious injury, your teen or young adult will need medical care, and they may need it for an extended period of time. Pain relief for a teen or young adult is a consideration after serious injury, and your medical team will be able to advise you on the best way to keep your child as pain-free as possible while they recover. Be mindful that a teenage athlete may minimize injury or pain to continue competing. Look for signs of pain and keep lines of communication open with your teen. Your medical team can advise you on treating pain while avoiding abuse or addiction in teens and young adults.

Accident Trauma for Teens and Young Adults

Nearly all people will experience trauma after a severe accident or injury. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia tells us that stress after an accident is normal for teenagers and young adults but should improve in the weeks following an accident. When stress reactions are so severe that they interfere with everyday life and activities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may be involved. The good news is that there are several highly effective treatments for PTSD in teens and young adults, and recovery is likely following treatment. Don't hesitate to address accident trauma in your teen or young adult child following an accident.

How Ackerman & Falcon Can Help

Accidents involving teenage or young adult drivers can be legally complex. At Ackerman & Falcon, our experienced personal injury attorneys can advise you and help you recover your losses under Virginia law. Call us today at 703-288-1400 for a free consultation, or contact us online.