Bike Safety Rules Even Experienced Bike Riders May Not Know

Posted by Amy FalconMar 29, 20240 Comments

Springtime biking refresher

Bike riding has become even more popular since the pandemic, but bicycle fatalities have risen, too. We all know how important it is to wear a helmet and keep yourself highly visible with brightly colored or reflective clothing. Here are some other bike safety rules that even experienced riders may not know—but should. 

The Best Guidelines for Lighting Your Bike

Most Virginia bicyclists are aware that Virginia bicycle law requires a white front headlight for use between sunset and sunrise, a red reflector on the seat stem visible from the rear, and at least one red taillight visible from the rear. Legal visibility distances are five hundred feet or more, and the taillight may be steady or blinking. What few bicyclists know is which combination of steady or flashing headlights and taillights offers the greatest safety to the rider.

A 2017 master's thesis at Clemson University concluded that the bicycle rider has the best forward vision with a constant front headlight because it provides continuity of visual clues needed for vision. And bicycles with flashing rear taillights are preferable because they're detectable approximately three times farther than a constant rear taillight.

Which Ear Should You Use to Listen to Traffic?

Virginia bicycle earphone laws prohibit operating a bicycle while using earphones on or in both ears. However, using an earphone in only one ear is not prohibited.

Which ear should be used for listening to the earphone and which should be used to listen to the traffic sounds? Humans do have an ear dominance similar to the dominance of right-handedness or left-handedness. The right ear is connected to the left side of our brain, which processes language and logic. The left ear is connected to the right side of the brain, which is artistic and creative. If your bicycle ride includes listening to a podcast, then the earphone goes in the right ear. If listening to music, then the earphone is placed in the left ear.

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